Dana Schoeneshoefer

At a young age, Dana knew that art was to be an inspirational aspect throughout her life. At the age of 18 she was accepted at the University of Northern Colorado where she focused her studies on the classical fine arts of Europe and new media in printmaking. After graduating, she furthered her studies in Italy, studying the classical fine art of Renaissances artists. Her love of art took her to Mexico and Guatemala to learn more of the indigenous people's use of color and materials. Presently she is focusing on oil painting and how the classical painters' captured lighting in their pieces.

Dana’s earlier work had been published in the Colorado Northern Review. She was also asked to be an apprentice under the internationally known sculptor Kirsten Kokkin from Norway. She has done several small commissioned works in Germany and the United States. She is also a member of the Paletteers Artist Club which is a strong resource for artists and buyers.

Contact number: 303.906.8653

Email: sableschoen@hotmail.com


MorningGardenIris. Little Chiapas Weaver. Schoko